Top Henderson Child Custody Lawyers

Rocheleau Law
The divorce attorneys at Rocheleau Law handle divorce, child custody, child support, divorce mediation and family law cases. With over ten years of experience in representing clients throughout Las Vegas, Henderson, and North Las Vegas our divorce lawyers have earned a reputation of providing solid family law representation.
Address : 375 N Stephanie St, Henderson, NV 8901
Phone : (702) 335-3545

Andrade Law, LLC
We understand that divorce, custody, and other domestic relations issues are very personal and emotional matters. To our clients, their case can preoccupy their life--especially when children's lives are involved. Andrade Law, LLC aims to resolve difficult family situations by mitigating the level of confrontation to the extent possible.
Address : 1489 W. Warm Springs Road Suite 110, Henderson, NV 89014
Phone : 702-468-9591

Pecos Law Group
Our lawyers are focused on family law and can handle everything from the most straightforward cases to the most complex, including those that involve: Divorce, Property division, Child custody and visitation, Child support, Alimony, Post-divorce modifications, Domestic violence, Prenuptial agreements, Paternity actions, and Family law appeals.
Address : 8925 South Pecos Road Suite 14 A, Henderson, NV 89074
Phone : 702-487-7548

McDonald Law Group
The McDonald Law Group has the experience to meet all your legal needs such as: Bankrupcty & Foreclosure Issues, Family Law, Estate Planning, Personal Injury, Business Law and Development, Real Estate Law, Corporate Formation, Asset Protection, Contract Law, Civil Litigation, and Traffic Violation Resolution.
Address : 1013 Whitney Ranch Drive #140, Henderson, NV 89014
Phone : (702) 448-4962

Radford J. Smith, Chartered
We help clients throughout the greater Henderson - Las Vegas area move on to the next stage of their lives after a divorce or other family law concerns. Areas of focus: Divorce, Jurisdictional Issues, Child Custody, Child Custody Jurisdiction, Child Support, Alimony, Relocation, Retirement Benefits, Property Division, Post Divorce and more.
Address : 64 North Pecos Road Suite 700, Henderson, NV 89074
Phone : 702-583-6867

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If you have any legal issues, you can rely on LegalMatch to assist you in finding the right attorney to handle your case. When presenting a case at LegalMatch, your issues are sent to member attorneys in your area through emails and texts for review. Interested Henderson family law attorneys will then send you their credentials, estimated pricing of their legal service and their experience in handling cases such as yours. You can then choose your attorney by comparing their costs, credentials, profiles and clients' ratings
Location : Henderson, NV
Phone : (866) 686-5536