Top Austin Child Custody Lawyer

Miner Law Firm
An Austin divorce lawyer offers highly effective, resourceful, and responsive representation in a wide range of legal matters including divorce, child custody and support, modification of support orders, premarital agreements and enforcement.
Address : 3401 Glenview Avenue, Austin, TX 78703
Phone : (512) 420-0555

Law Office of Ryan S. Dougay
Address : 3410 Far West Blvd Suite 201, Austin, TX 78731
At The Law Office of Ryan S. Dougay, in Austin, we take pride in the personal service we offer clients. When you choose us, whether your cases involves divorce, child custody, spousal support or domestic violence, you can be confident that we will treat you with respect.
Phone : (512) -469-0811

Law Offices of Judy A. Leecraft, P.C.
The Law Offices of Judy A. Leecraft, P.C. in Austin provides experienced, knowledgeable and creative family law representation to clients throughout central Texas. Since 1996, Judy Leecraft has been representing families with family law matters including: divorce, property division, child custody and support.
Address : 812 San Antonio St. Suite 530, Austin, TX 78701
Phone : (512) -320-8200

The Butler Firm
We are Compassionate, Dependable, Knowledgeable; and last but not least – Affordable. Practice areas: Uncontested divorce, contested divorce, custody, child support, collaborative family law, adoption, and victim of domestic violence.
Address : l601 Rio Grande, Ste 33l, Austin, TX 787O1
Phone : (512) -992-2194

Lipshy & Escamilla, LLP
We represent clients in any and every conflict relating to divorce, with a special emphasis on financial issues such as identification of assets, temporary spousal support, child support, retirement accounts, and property division, even in large estates.
Address : 812 San Antonio Street Suite 105, Austin, TX 78701
Phone : (512) -478-0006

Austin Bar Association Directory
The Bar Association Directory compiles contact information and descriptions of state and local Bar associations in America. The well known Austin Bar Association, Tex. lists a wide range of attorneys who are available to practice in different fields of law.
Location : Austin, TX
Phone : 866-677-5418

Asian American Bar Association Directory
This website makes it easier for you to locate and learn about the different American Bar associations and their services. The prestigious Asian American Bar Association, TX is an organization that can help residents reach licensed attorneys who practice in the state.
Location : Austin, TX
Phone : 866-677-5417