Top Anaheim Child Custody Lawyers

Miranda Family Law
She has been a practicing family law attorney for almost six years. She has litigated every aspect of family law and divorce, including custody, support, restraining orders, and complex property division.
Address : 160 N Riverview Dr Suite 200, Anaheim, CA 92808
Phone : 714-820-4515

Kevin B. Gibbs
His legal practice is devoted exclusively to divorce and family law matters and focuses primarily on Orange County cases. Areas of practice: Family Law, Child Custody, Child Support, Divorce, Divorce Mediator, Domestic Violence, and more.
Address : 505 S. Villa Real Drive Suite 212, Anaheim, CA 92807
Phone : (714) 282-2678

Richard A. Fleming
Since 1979, we have been working with families who are facing the end of a marriage, who may have children to worry about or who may have experienced domestic violence. Our clients may be our neighbors, the average working people of Orange County or from other areas of California.
Address : 101 East Lincoln Avenue Suite 250, Anaheim, CA 92805
Phone : 714-855-1043

Lynn Matus-Collins
Attorney Lynn Matus-Collins is a lawyer offering affordable legal services to clients in the law practice areas of Family Law, Divorce, Social Security Disaboility SSI SSDI, Guardianship, Estate Planning, Wills, Trusts, Elder Law and Probate.
Address : 2020 West Lincoln Avenue, Anaheim, CA 92801
Phone : 714-633-0600

Bart J. Carey, Esq.
He practices in family law. As a peacemaker, his mission is to help you and your family journey through this crisis with a better future and hope for a family that does not remain in conflict and continue to cause pain to your children and grandchildren.
Address : 505 S. Villa Real Drive Ste 111, Anaheim Hills, CA 92807
Phone : 714-283-3400

Orange County Bar Association Directory
The aim of the Bar Association Directory website is to provide a centralized listing of the various American Bar associations listed by state, as well as some background information on each organization. As a service to its member lawyers the Orange County Bar Association, CA allows attorneys in your state to communicate with one another, and also helps to provide you with lawyer contact information.
Location : Anaheim, CA
Phone : 866-677-5354